Introductory Robotics Kit Part 1 Course [Recommended for Kids & Teens]

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Beginner Course (Kids and Teens): Embark on an exciting journey into the world of coding and robotics with our Beginner Course designed for kids and teens. Using the intuitive mBlocks (Scratch) platform, learners will discover the joy of programming while creating fun and interactive projects. From crafting custom traffic lights to building automatic tower lights, this course instills a solid foundation in coding, setting the stage for future exploration in the realms of technology.

About the Course


Overview of the Sciency Introductory Robotics Course!

Lesson 0 - MBlocks Setup (Windows & Mac) +Dipduino Introduction

In Lesson 0, we show you how to install the required software required for the lessons (Mblocks) in Both Windows and Mac. We also introduce the Mastermind of the Kit, The Sciency Dipduino.

Lesson 0 - Setup Quiz
9 questions

The Course

Lesson 1
30 Mins

In Lesson 1 we delve into how you can create your own traffic lights system.


Lesson 2
30 mins

In Lesson 2 we delve into how you can create a circuit that utilises push buttons to control your projects.

Lesson 3
30 mins

In Lesson 3, You will learn how to add sound to your projects by working with active and passive buzzers.

Lesson 4
40 Mins

In Lesson 4, you will learn how to work with Servo Motors and also integrate buttons to control a servo motor.

Lesson 5-13 Coming Soon!

Lesson 5 -13 Coming Soon!

Lookout for Lesson 5-13 Coming Soon.

Check Back on 10 December for more episodes!

Show us your Work!

Upload photos of your work for us to see and possibly publish on our social media. 

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Enrolled: 7 students
Duration: 6 Hours
Lectures: 8
Video: 60 minutes
Level: Beginner
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