Introductory Robotics Kit Part 1 Course [For People with Coding Experience]

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Intermediate Course (Computer Science Students, Coding Enthusiasts): For those with a knack for coding or pursuing computer science, our Intermediate Course offers a deeper dive into robotics using the versatile C programming language. This course is tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of robotics concepts, allowing learners to tackle more complex projects. From working with servo motors to incorporating thermistors, participants will gain hands-on experience and insights applicable to higher-level coding and robotics challenges.

About the Course


Overview of the Sciency Introductory Robotics Course!

Lesson 0 - Arduino IDE Setup + DipDuino Imtroduction
30 mins

Lesson 0 Introduces students to the Arduino IDE and Our very own DipDuino which will be used throughout the rest of the lessons. 

The Course

Lesson 1 - Traffic Lights
45 Min

In Lesson 1 we delve into how you can build your own traffic lights system.

Lesson 2 - Buttons

In Lesson 2 we delve into how you can build circuits that utilise push buttons to control your projects

Lesson 3 - Photoresistors
51 Min

In Lesson 3 we delve into how you can build your own Automatic towerlight using Photoresistors

Lesson 4 - Thermistors
45 Min

In Lesson 4 You will learn how to incorporate Thermistors into your Projects. 

Lesson 5 - Servo Motors
40 Mins

In Lesson 5, you will learn how to work with Servo Motors and also integrate buttons to control a servo motor.

Lesson 6 - Ultrasonic Sensor
40 Mins

In Lesson 6, You will understand how the Ultrasonic sensor works and can be used for automation in Robotics

Lesson 7 - 1 Digit 7 Segment Display

In Lesson 7, we show you how to connect a 1 Digit Seven Segment Display for output data in you Robotics projects.

Show us your work!
Lesson 8-13 Coming Soon

Look Out for Lessons 8 -13 Coming Out Soon!

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Enrolled: 12 students
Duration: 12 Hours
Lectures: 11
Video: 60 minutes
Level: Intermediate
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